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Functional and decorative at the same time, our coffee tables for living room combine glass with different materials and details. Shapes and finishes that fit together and overlap, for a unique and personalized furniture.



The low table After9 was created by designer Massimo Castagna. It is part of a collection of low tables and side tables, with minimal metal structure and contrasting finishes.


Comò basso

From the creativity of designer Marco Gaudenzi Comò basso is born, a cocktail table with glass top that solves space problems thanks to the high capacity of the drawers and the compact dimensions.


Dekon 2

The low table Dekon 2 was designed by Karim Rashid, who gave it futuristic shapes suited for modern and minimal environments and furnishings.



The cocktail table Eden is entirely made of glass. The frame of this table, perfect furnishing accessory for sitting and living rooms, is a bridge made of transparent or extra clear glass which enhances the simplicity and formal rigour.



The cocktail table created by designer Isao Hosoe stands out for the patented system of steel ball bearings, that makes the table spin on the base, thus accentuating the helix movement of the central column and creating a very sophisticated optical effect.



The low glass table Farniente was created by architect and designer Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni. Flashes of light and three-dimensional effects, thanks to the mirror chromed base and support that make this cocktail table very special and refined.


Fratina 2

The bridge-like low table is available in transparent or extra clear glass. Fratina 2 is equipped with a transparent or extra clear glass shelf according to your taste and the décor it needs to be put in.



The low table Gotham was designed by designer Leonardi & Marinelli. Timeless and refined design, the geometric square shaped lines and the smoked glass make it the perfect table to decorate the living room.



Designed by designer and architect Karim Rashid for Tonelli Design, the cocktail table Kat is made of three panels that optically seem to cross each other, creating an optical illusion of volume.



Organic shaped tops are the distinguishing trait of this cocktail table in welded glass, that plays with the alternance of the finishes and harmonic lines.



The small glass table Metropolis was created by designer Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà. The low table is part of a collection of furnishings distinguished by a glass base in extra clear or smoked glass.



The low table Plinsky was created by designer Giulio Mancini, who gave it high-impact shapes, almost futuristic, suited for modern and minimalistic environments and decors.



From designer Uto Balmoral comes the low table Quiller, made completely in glass. It is a small cocktail tale with top in 15mm and edges with the bevelling technique.


Rosa del deserto

Created by designer and architect D’Urbino-Lomazzi for Tonelli, this low table’s name reflects its shapes. In fact, the glass supports intersect thus creating the effect of the flower Desert Rose.



The cocktail table Strappo was conceived by designer Luigi Serafini. The is completely made of glass and is composed of lateral and supporting slabs cut and welded with overhang.



The glass table Sestante was created by designer Emilio Nanni. It is part of a collection of furniture characterized by a rigorous and essential design of vertical structural elements, symmetric and orthogonal, that give maximum compositional freedom to the modular structure.


Sestante Stone

The low table in glass and marble Sestante Stone was created by designer Emilio Nanni. It is part of a collection of low tables characterized by the rigorous and essential design of vertical structural elements, symmetric and orthogonal.



Ti, low table by Tonelli Design, is designed by Elisabetta Gonzo and Alessandro Vicari. The two plates that support the base of this design glass low table make up the letter T on the ground, which gives it its name.