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Giulio Mancini

Products designed by Giulio Mancini for Tonelli:


Giulio Mancini was born in Pesaro on April 22, 1969. In 1999, just after graduating in mechanical engineering from the University of Bologna, he became involved – through Marco Gaudenzi’s design studio – in a project for shotguns cases for Benelli Armi, which fired his enthusiasm for industrial design. From 1999 to 2001 he had an interesting experience with the Acanto studio for which he designed exhibition stands and showrooms for Alluflon-Moneta, Benelli, SCM group.

As part of the design of industrial products, it has established an important relationship with GTTrading, one of the most important European companies in the sector of high fidelity for cars and domestic hi-end, for the brands “Steg”, “Aloia”, “Boston Acoustics “. In 2002 he began to work with the graphic designer Nicola Sancisi, with whom he established the studio Nettodesign in Pesaro.