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On February 24 the associates of ADI Marche Abruzzo Molise re-elected Michele Gasperini as Delegate of the territory.

The next triennium represents an epochal phase for ADI and for the entire design world, with the opening of the ADI Design museum and the post-pandemic economic recovery. It is now more than ever fundamental to intercept the new design tendencies. Joining ADI represents a great opportunity for the design community. The delegation can reduce the distance between the Milan pole and the local territory”, says Michele Gasperini.

After a cooperation with Enrico Tonucci for the Manifestodesign collection and after an intense experience in the yacht design sector with company Berloni spa, in 2010 Gasperini became one of Tonellidesign’s owners, a company that produces glass furniture since the ‘80s – such as bookcases, sideboards, tables, lamps, mirrors and many others – cooperating with international designers and adopting an approach based on respecting one of the most ancient and noble materials of human history.

The program of the new delegation’s managing group, in continuity with previous mandates, not only plans an ample use of social media for its communication activities, but aims to organize themed meetings NETGEN (“Network Generator”) so as to create a connection between designers and companies.

Themes will be elaborated and proposed by apposite work groups made of professionals and companies. Also, digital contests addressing especially students and young designers will be planned, thus favouring circulation of new solutions.