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Whether you are searching for bookcases for your living room or bookcases for your office, our bookcases in designer glass will allow you to obtain a contemporary style able to create unique light effects in your room. In our catalogue you can find different types of bookcases, vertical freestanding, wall mounted or bookcase systems and other furnishing elements.

Freestanding vertical bookcases in glass

Among our proposals of vertical freestanding bookcases you will find:

  • revolving bookcase Albero by Isao Hosoe, magazine rack and book display with revolving glass base that allows to turn it around
  • freestanding bookcase Folio by Debonademeo Studio that – available in the two finishes extra clear or smoked glass – presents two peculiarities: the base made of a block of solid ceppo di Gré (granite) and the shelves that have different inclinations between them
  • freestanding bookcase Paradigma by Debonademeo Studio, made of sides and shelves in extra clear or smoked glass joined to an arch or circular structure
  • freestanding and wall bookcase Quiller by Uto Balmoral, distinguishing features are the six shelves in extra clear bevelled glass, enclosed laterally, and the peculiarity that it can also be used as wall bookcase.

Wall mounted glass bookcases

Wall mounted bookcases are another solution to store books, documents and more. In addition to the Quiller bookcase in our catalogue you can also find:

  • modular bookcase Trasparenza by D’Urbino e Lomazzi, a glass bookcase with metal supports in polished stainless steel available with 5 or 6 shelves
  • modular bookcase Hemingway by Massimo Castagna, a bookcase with shelves in extra clear or smoked glass and wooden structure in solid wood made of uprights and beams. This bookcase can be also fixed to the ceiling and it is possible to add horizontal storage units with flap down doors or vertical units with hinge door.

Liber system for glass bookcase

An alternative to all these bookcases is the collection Liber available in transparent, extra clear or smoked glass, designed by Luca Papini, that, depending on the configuration allows to obtain several furnishing elements that can be personalized by adding drawers. Liber is not only a bookcase but it can also be used as side table, night stand or sideboard.

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